WEEE Recycling

Responsible and secure electronic equipment and device recycling

WEEE Recycling

Sirch Solutions are passionate about engaging in sustainable business and understand that Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) is widely considered to be one of the fastest growing waste streams in the EU.

To enhance the environmental management of WEEE and resource efficiency, Sirch Solutions can recycle your old telecoms and data equipment so you can be safe in the knowledge that:

  • You’ll know precisely what your project is worth – Sirch Solutions provide transparent pricing and issue a detailed Certificate of Destruction (CoD)
  • Payments are fast – in fact, we are among the quickest in the market for telecoms and corporate WEEE recycling collections.
  • Any data remaining on a device will be securely cleaned without a trace – our secure data cleaning, destruction service provides Blancco certificated data wiping, hard drive shredding and destruction options
  • All items are disposed of with minimum impact on the environment – Sirch Solutions hold high environmental standards and maintain industry best practices for safe and responsible WEEE recycling, with all activities carried out in line with regulatory legislation.


WEEE recycling benefits

  • Unlock the value of your end-of-life telecoms assets and increase profitability
  • Reduce toxic waste disposal, divert useful resources from landfill and achieve substantial carbon savings
  • Fulfil your WEEE obligations and comply with increasingly stringent environmental legislation

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