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Quality Assurance Technology

SpeechIQ is a revolutionary software platform that allows you to analyse and score all of your calls instantly


Quality Assurance Technology

Quality Assurance is one of the most vital aspects of a contact centre, or any business that takes a high volume of calls. Your call agents are responsible for so much - customer satisfaction, sales, lead generation, adhering to regulatory compliance - and yet most companies only monitor 1-5% of their calls. Not only that, but call monitoring is labour intensive and costly. However, there is now a product available which allows you to monitor all of your calls at a fraction of the cost.


SpeechIQ is a revolutionary software platform that allows you to analyse and score all of your calls instantly. By seamlessly integrating speechIQ into your current telephony system, you can have your calls automatically transcribed to produce insightful reports allowing you to see what you are doing right, and where you can improve. This produces countless opportunities for bespoke training across the board - from individual agents to entire departments and companies.

What will speechIQ show you?

SpeechIQ can produce automatic or custom reports to show you any keywords or phrases you ask for. This allows you to find exactly what you are looking for on each and every call. Not only that, but it will also measure how much silent time was recorded, or even when the agent and customer were talking over each other. These are just some of the factors used to score each call you take.

Driven by Artificial Intelligence

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of speechIQ is that it can even measure the sentiment of agents and customers on a call. This feature is powered by IBM Watson and can show you how successful your agent was at concluding the call with a successful outcome, and whether or not there was any adversity to overcome along the way.

Quick to deploy

As speechIQ is a cloud-based software service, we can integrate it into your system quickly and easily. With full training provided, you can start using and benefiting from speechIQ almost immediately. Contact us today to book your free demo. Sirch Solutions is the only speechIQ partner in the UK.

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Quality Assurance Technology

We offer a solution that allows you to monitor all of your business calls at a fraction of the cost

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