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Claims Management Software

We pride ourselves on developing genuine software solutions because sometimes, off-the-shelf just won't do


Claims Management Software


There are over 3,000 Claims Management Companies in the UK handling billions of pounds worth of claims for mis-sold financial products every year. Yet many CMCs are burdened with a great deal of paperwork and inefficient claims processing. Seeing this problem in the industry, Sirch Solutions developed our industry-leading **Q-Form software**.


You acquire the customer in the usual way

Our Q-form determines if the product was mis-sold

Our system produces a complaint letter

The complaint is sent and you wait for a response

What are Q-forms?

Q-Forms are simple-to-use yet accurate questionnaire systems designed to streamline the processing of claims. By asking each customer a predefined sequence of questions, our Q-Forms will build a logical Basis of Claim built upon their answers. Even better, our Q-Forms even produce the necessary paperwork and complete the Financial Ombudsman's Consumer Questionnaire automatically for each case. All that remains is to send the complaint to the relevant lender.

What can they be used for?

We currently have bespoke Q-Forms designed to process claims for mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance, Packaged Bank Accounts and Payday Loans, with our fourth Q-Form arriving shortly to deal with Car Finance Claims. Although built on the same technology, each Q-Form asks a series of questions specific to the product in question. Each Q-Form can be used independently, or as part of a suite of questionnaires.

How quickly can Q-Forms be deployed?

Our Q-Forms are securely hosted in the cloud meaning that as soon as we set you up with user logins you are ready to go. Training is of course provided as part of the service, and you can start processing claims right away. Contact us about a free demo or to set up your user accounts with us.



Payment Protection Insurance Claims Software

Our bespoke PPI Q-Form has helped one of the UK's largest Claims Management Companies reclaim over £500,000,000 for their customers


Payday Loans Claims Software

Our bespoke Payday Loan Q-Form allows Claims Management Companies to ask a series of vital questions surrounding the sale of a customer's payday loan


Packaged Bank Account Claims Software

Sirch Solutions bespoke Pacakged Bank Account Q-Form has been tailor-made to maximise win rates for complaints


Car Finance Claims Software

Our PCP Q-Form works in the same efficient and accurate manner as the others - a series of questions produces a clear 'Basis of Claim' for each potential customer.

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Claims Management Software

We provide bespoke Q-Forms designed to process claims for mis-sold financial products


Quality Assurance Technology

We offer a solution that allows you to monitor all of your business calls at a fraction of the cost

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