Our development process

Our bespoke and packaged software solutions exceed our clients' expectations, to specification, on time and to budget.


The first step is an onsite consultation with an experienced member of our team. The purpose of this is for us to gain a solid understanding of your operation, requirements and budget.

We will use this insight to prepare an evaluation document outlining our opportunities for collaboration; how we believe we could have a profoundly positive impact on your business.

We will also share with you any general observations we have made; we’re problem solvers at heart and have years of experience supporting and running businesses.

Our initial consultation is free of charge, with absolutely no obligation for you to continue to use our services.


Building upon our initial assessment, we will undertake extensive planning for your project. For each project we undertake we produce comprehensive schedules, designs, diagrams and documentation.

We will spend many hours collaborating with you to get our vision of the end product right. Our teams’ strength is in being able to communicate effectively on many levels, with novices to seasoned pros.

As part of our planning we will engage with all of the project stakeholders to discuss our plans, and won't progress until we’re all in agreement that we’ve conceived the right solution for you.

At this stage we’ll also need to agree how we will measure success. We are looking to create long term relationships, so it’s important to us that you are able to realise value from your investment.


We will then set to work on your solution, building features and functionality incrementally, sharing our progress with you at appropriate touchpoints.

Our rigorous and multifaceted internal quality assurance process aims to ensure that our software rivals any off-the-shelf solution.

We will likely release your software in stages, and provide training and support to get your business through the emotions associated with change as quickly as possible.

Having successfully implemented your bespoke solution, our relationship does not end there. We are available for ongoing support, maintenance and future development.

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