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Our Outsourced Customer Contact Centre (OCCC) program is a framework for collaboration between Sirch Solutions and its Partners worldwide, with the objective to foster growth and profitability for both parties. Sirch provides intelligent and professional customer contact solutions across multiple platforms and in numerous languages. We cover the entire outsourcing spectrum from simple operations to complex business processes.

As businesses become more competitive, it is more important than ever to maintain a healthy pipeline of new prospects and a continuous stream of sales. Sales are the life source of every business and a lack of sales will ultimately lead to failure. With this in mind, organisations are needing to work smarter and be more innovative in how they approach new business.

Partner Support

Customer Care

Sirch Solutions use customer insights to lower costs, increase sales and consistently enhance the customer experience.


Experienced and professionally trained sales staff who have skills in both B2B and B2C sales.

Technical Support

We offer a suite of technical support services and confidently provide assistance to end users as first line of contact


We provide cost-effective, quantifiable and intuitive solutions that add value to your business.


An agreed Business Plan is mandatory in order to benefit from any revenue share acceleration. This is typically agreed prior to campaign launch and should contact a list of key performance indicators that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. Post-Sales Performance (KPI adherence: defined yearly by Sirch Solutions and partnership organisations.

Telemarketing Campaigns

At Sirch Solutions, we believe that a well-targeted and executed telemarketing campaign is one of the best and most cost effective ways of generating new business. After all, there is no better way of approaching your prospects and customers than to speak to them directly. Sirch has an experienced team of B2B and B2C agents who are skilled at developing sales opportunities and closing business leads. Our dedicated staff are well trained, highly motivated and extremely driven. We approach sales with a tactical, intuitive and intelligent manner and your customers will be speaking to professionals who represent your business with the utmost of integrity.


Not meeting KPI’s can reduce revenue share for Sirch Solutions by 3% until KPI’s met. Sirch Solutions assist with creating the sales or customer care infrastructure from scripting, compliance through to quality assurance (QA) protocol. Our dedicated team of on-site engineers ensure a stable and fully operational outsource Contact Centre

Assistance & Support

In today’s competitive business environment, the provision of commercially-relevant business process services is crucial for any outsourcing relationship. It is necessary to be agile, flexible and capable of showing a deep level of subject matter expertise. Sirch Solutions go the extra mile to exceed customer expectations and can provide valuable aftercare support and customer assistance, helping customers to overcome challenges and accomplish their goals.

Technology Platforms

Internal, feature rich Contact Centre platform. Blended inbound/outbound, voice logging, webchat, 3-way calling, 330 workstations with fully equipped computers and headphones


An array of internet and voice connectivity. Multiple carrier relationships, UK provider gateway, UK DDI numbers provided at short notice

Power & Security

24 hour instant UPS battery back-up, onsite generator. Secure 24 hour manned security with swipe card access system. All staff are security vetted prior to employment.

The Sirch Solutions Promise

Sirch Solutions cover the entire sales cycle, from the early phases of contact through to major contract negotiation. Technical support is delivered with a business approach that maps customer requirements, assuring the delivery of a best-of-breed, customer-centric solution. Sirch Solutions will support during the ramp-up period or for complex opportunities. A dedicated Channel Service Enablement manager will oversee campaign ramp-up, will coordinate support for the first 3 months and will assess partner maturity and help ensure steady project delivery moving forward.

Profiting As A Partner

Sirch Solutions can provide outsourcing services to a wide range of industries, from banking and insurance to pharmaceuticals and technology. While all our clients require sector-specific expertise, in many cases, our core capabilities are shared across all industries, and include:
• Lean process design
• High calibre, experienced staff
• Strong focus on CRM and IVR functionality
• High-performance, customer-centric culture
• Quality standards consistent with regulated industries
• Professional risk management and governance
• Focus on the value of outputs

Client Testimonials

We look forward to a prolonged and successful relationship with Sirch Solutions

We recently engaged with Sirch Solutions to identify areas within our current process which could be improved and beneficial to us as a business. After a full review, we agreed that our Complaint raising process was an area where we could both see scope for improvement and refinement, and we are happy to say we switched our in house system of raising complaints, to a system developed and installed by Sirch Solutions
The system was in place and up and running in a matter of weeks, which included the initial on-site review, full and comprehensive training for all our agents and continual monitoring and support until we were comfortable with all aspects of the system.

By making this change it has allowed us to grow the company, and increase the Complaints raised by almost 50% within the first six months of install.

We look forward to a prolonged and successful relationship with Sirch Solutions

Darren McCormack

Head of Operations, Wilson Tarquin

Experienced, methodical and systematic project planning and execution.

Sirch Solutions are an experienced team who were able to take WFAC’s internal systems and model various independent platforms into a single interface with the ability to access via a permissions based online portal. This integration to a single platform boosting network accessibility anywhere has enabled WFAC to approach other claims management companies with the opportunity to utilise our software with their in house or third party management systems. Sirch Solutions provide all the required maintenance and support, something that’s critical in a fast-moving environment such as the claims management industry. Due to the unique standalone accessibility these enhancements are able to be actioned remotely so the third party operating the software is unaffected and business operation continues seamlessly.

Andy Goracy

Commercial Director, We Fight Any Claim

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