Dialler Systems

Cutting edge dialler systems to streamline your business

Dialler Systems

Your contact centre teams are your most important asset. Our dialler solutions ensure that agents are empowered to be much more productive.

Sirch Solutions dialler software automates and adds intelligence to the dialling process.

It intuitively harnesesses client data to establish the most suitable time and phone type to reach a contact, all-the-while considering the available human resources and compliance with legislation.

Sirch Solutions powerful dialling algorithm maximises agent talk time and increases the right party contacts. The dialler leverages the Sirch Solutions contact centre software suite´s Omnichannel capabilities for a 360 degree, customer-centric view, allowing a more efficient debt recovery.

Our dialler system is just a small part of our unified hosted call centre solution. We provide a complete technology platform for contact centres that offers more features as standard than any alternative call centre software provider backed up by incredible customer support and service.

The dialler systems can boost your outbound campaign results by up to 300% productivity.

Dialler system features

  • Blended Agents
  • Handling inbound calls as they arrive – our predictive dialler will maximise talk time with potential customers the rest of the time.
  • Call Recording
  • Full record of every call, accessible through your reporting system.
  • Automated Compliance
  • Comprehensive features to ensure compliance with all Ofcom and ICO regulations so that you can rest peacefully in the knowledge that your activities are fully compliant.
  • Live Transfers
  • Configure transfer destinations for conference and on-hold transfers with call recording available on both sides of the transfer.
  • Multiple-site Operations

Your system is accessible from any location in the world. Use home workers or regional offices to target specific areas or combine your resources.

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