Contact Centre Technology

helping your company develop the most successful telemarketing campaigns

Contact Centre Technology

Sirch Solutions understand that Contact Centre operations primarily focus on one thing – generating profitable business.

Sadly pitching over the telephone or any other communication channel is not a simple feat.

Success opportunities, however, can be significantly enhanced by using business intelligence tools to improve campaign strategies.

It is essential to understand that customers appreciate being contacted proactively if it serves their interests. A smart and innovative customer service approach together with the proper technology and business intelligence tools will help your company build the most successful telemarketing campaign strategy.

Selecting the right contacts, matching them with the best agent and choosing the right communication channel can allow you to not only increase your sales quotas but also improve customer satisfaction (CX) and loyalty.

Take a look at our diverse range of feature-rich, Contact Centre software solutions that we offer.

  • Highlights
  • Increased agent productivity
  • Shorter call times
  • More leads, more success closing sales
  • Reduced training time for new agents
  • Different telemarketing strategies for different contact list segments
  • Campaign adjustments and changes on the fly
  • Quick scripting and launching of new telemarketing campaigns
  • Real-time and historical monitoring
  • Built-in and customizable business KPIs
  • Integrations with business intelligence tools

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