Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence

We are on a mission to revolutionise customer communication technology

Instead of trawling through a website or mobile app on their own, today’s consumers prefer to engage in conversation with AI-powered chat, whether that be in the form of ChatBots or virtual assistants or through messenger apps.

Keeping customers happy is at the heart of every smart business, achieving customer happiness is far more straightforward when knowing precisely what is needed and having the tools and capabilities to provide useful accurate interactions and outcomes.

Powered by IBM Watson technology – Natural Language Engagement gives customers the ability to ‘in their own words’ easily converse with the brand on any given subject whenever wherever; however it suits them. Giving businesses the power to encourage customer and brand interaction actively.

Sirch Solutions and our Partners are experts in delivering Natural Language Engagement Services powered by artificial intelligence (AI), achieving customer satisfaction (CX) no matter where the machine to human conversation occurs.

Our unique approach to solving AI implementation challenges means we can rapidly deploy and efficiently deliver multi-function, multi-channel solutions at scale.


ChatBot Technology

Bots and human agents working together to automate customer service is the approach of the future. Customer experience (CX) is going through a complete transformation. Now more than ever, customers clamour for the highest levels of customer service and will only go elsewhere if they don’t receive it!

To offer an outstanding customer experience, many companies are responding with Omni channel customer engagement platforms that connect their customers wherever and whenever they happen to be — across social, mobile and the webOne development, in particular, is the rise of the ChatBot that can quickly resolve customer queries autonomously.

ChatBots can be deployed in a multitude of manners — the most typical is through an application of artificial intelligence, where software can analyse and assess a customer query expressed in human form, either through SMSor voice.

With bots able to handle everyday problems, such as setting appointments,  and troubleshooting technical details, more time is freed up for live agents to deal with complex and nuanced issues that need a human touch.

Sirch Solutions provide a single, Omnichannel customer journey, whereby customers can connect through an companies array of seperate touchpoints, whether they are AI-powered or not.

ChatBot features

ChatBot AI can present context using both qualitative and quantitative analysis. ChatBots utilise big data engines and sophisticated algorithms.

  • Save Money by deflecting triage calls to ChatBot
  • Make Money with linked ‘in chat’ promotional messages
  • Delight Customers with instant ‘always on’ answers and seamless service
  • Better understand your data, including sentiment, personality and performance


Virtual Assistants

The Sirch Virtual Assistant is an AI-powered staff member. The Assistant is an expert at learning and grows from customer interaction. This means if it doesn’t answer your customers question the first time, it will next time. The more the Assistant is trained, the smarter it becomes and the easier it is to manage.

Sirch Solutions understand that to make AI Assistants which scale in an Enterprise setting they need to have a limited amount of scripting.

Over the past decade, the capabilities and usage of virtual assistants have grown massively.

New and advanced technology is being launched into the market at a incredible pace. An online survey carried-out in May 2017 found the most widely used assistants in the U.S. were Apple’s Siri (34%), Google Assistant (19%), Amazon Alexa (6%),

How do virtual assistants work?

Sirch Virtual assistants use natural language processing (NLP) to match the user’s text or voice input to executable commands. The most common assistants are programmed to continually learn using artificial intelligence techniques such as machine learning, which is a method of teaching computers to make and improve predictions or behaviours based on data.

Devices are activated by the touch of a button, such as Siri, while others are programmed to activate using a wake word voice prompt.

This is a word or groups of words such as “Alexa” or “OK Google”.

What do most people use their virtual assistants to do?

The most common requests of these assistants are: to provide information such as weather, facts from websites such as Wikipedia or IMDB, set the alarm, or make to-do lists and shopping lists. They are also used to play music and videos, read audiobooks, and make online purchases.

What does the future hold for virtual assistants?

As more people become reliant on the assistance offered by technology, the presence of virtual assistants will continue to grow. Expect more products to hit the market that provides voice-activated aid such as Alexa along with the increasing presence of mobile applications that offer virtual assistance through smart devices, and software that provides support through your pc.

The Sirch Assistant is one example of how to implement AI. We learn from every interaction with the Sirch Assistant. It gives us a deeper understanding of customer’s specific needs through sentiment analysis and deep learning.

Sirch Solutions’ unique API meshing technique enables us to focus on the accuracy of results and depth of knowledge. Our tools mean we can automate AI training and use every interaction to improve the intelligence of the machine.


Speech Analytics

Unlock the vast amount of information contained in your call records.

SirchSpeechIQ makes it easy to analyse calls for compliance, quality assurance (QA), sales effectiveness and more. It’s an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution to drive agent productivity, operations efficiency and improved customer engagement.

  • Cloud-based platform or on-premise
  • Proprietary automated speech recognition engine
  • Automated sensitive data redaction
  • Quick, easy integration

SirchSpeechIQ’s cloud-based solution makes it easy to streamline your QA and call review process quickly. In a matter of days, we’ll integrate you into our platform so that it’s easy to pass us your recorded calls.

Online training sessions and easy-to-use manuals make it simple for you to start tapping into the wealth of valuable data in your calls.


Speech Analytics features

The most robust search filtering currently available

  • Quickly search for keywords and phrases
  • Build customised keyword lists in literally minutes
  • Boolean search capabilities for more advanced queries
  • Numerous filters, including office, skill, agent, date range, sentiment, call duration, and more
  • Ability to quickly add custom queries based on your actual metadata
  • Quickly search for keywords and phrases
  • Build customised keyword lists in literally minutes
  • Boolean search capabilities for more advanced questions
  • Numerous filters, including office, skill, agent, date range, sentiment, call duration, and more
  • Ability to quickly add custom queries based on your actual metadata

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